About Department


Department of pharmacognosy is the study of the drugs from natural products i.e. plant, animals, marine and other life origins. Research areas include extraction, isolation, characterization and biological studies of phytoconstituents using animal models.

The pharmacognosy is one of the core subjects in pharmacy, which involves the study of the chemical, physical, biochemical and biological properties of natural drugs. It also deals with the search for new drugs from natural sources

Along with well-equipped pharmacognosy laboratory, department also extends itself to the beautiful medicinal garden scenery, where various medicinal plants are planted. The part of pharmacy museum consists of models of medicinal plant along with charts of t.s of various parts of plants. The department also deals with development and standardization of novel herbal formulations and cosmetics.

We have also a medicinal plant garden which is enriched with a variety of medicinal herbes the laboratory is well equipped with the prime requirement for herbal drug related experimentation

List of plants in medicinal garden

Sr. No. Name of Species Planted Sr. No. Name of Species Planted
1. Aloe barbadensis miller 12 Capscicum frutescens L.
2. Terminalia arjuna 13 Solanum lycopesicum
3. Azardicta indica 14 Mesua ferrea
4. Ocimum tenuiflorum 15 Annona reticulate
5. Catharanthus roseus 16 Artocarpus heterophyllus
6. Citrous lemonis 17 Muryya koenigii
7. Jasminum Smbac 18 Tamrindus indica
8. Magnifera indica 19 Annona Squamosa
9. Hibiscus rosa sinesis 20 Manilkara Zapota
10. Capscicum Annum 21 Psidium guajava
11. Solanum melongena 22 Syzygium cumini